Enterprise-class email archiving to address the demands of regulatory compliance, audit and eDiscovery, while alleviating the burden of data management, email archiving, storage, security and business continuity.

For many companies message archiving has become a corporate necessity. Whether communicating with suppliers, clients or employees, virtually all agreements, understandings and documents are transmitted via email. But email archiving is more than the preservation of your corporate electronic records. It's a matter of Reputation, Integrity and Control.

Select which employees will receive archiving, and all their messages will be automatically saved in a secure and immutable archive with unlimited mailbox storage.

Employees will have access to ultra fast archive search and one-click retrieval of their archive messages to their Outlook mailbox. Administrators have audit capabilities to review and monitor email messages in real time.


  • Long term tamperproof storage of all messages
  • Unlimited mailbox storage
  • All messages saved, with ultra fast search and one-click retrieval to Outlook mailbox


  • Compliance archiving with monitoring
  • Industry specific compliance solutions
  • Internal (governance, policies, ethics &l HR issues)
  • Access to in-house legal expertise

Litigation and Electronic Discovery

  • Proactive protection for your business
  • Evidentiary quality messages for court
  • Archiving is your insurance policy
  • Affordable discovery and case management
  • Rapid electronic search and retrieval