Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Increase your business value by enabling your employees to communicate and collaborate with their co-workers, customers, partners, and suppliers easily and securely, anytime, from anywhere.

Essential Business Communications

Email and collaboration are increasingly essential for business survival. Ideally communications between employees, customers, suppliers and partners are secure, easy to use, accessible from anywhere, flexible for changing business requirements while fitting a predictable cost model.


Businesses are faced with many challenges:

  • Older or less capable email and collaboration tools
  • New mobile access requirements
  • Protecting against sophisticated and growing security threats
  • Expensive and inflexible infrastructure, licensing and delivery models
  • New messaging policy and compliancy requirements
  • Responding to changing business needs
  • In house staffing qualified/certified staff for planning, operations and support

SoftCom Business Services

We provide your company strategic business and economic control over a powerful integrated suite of business communication services delivered in a secure, on-demand, self service fashion to meet your business requirements.

Your company has complete control over compliance and policy, which services are available on a per employee / group / job function basis. These services can be “turned on” as you need them to meet changing business plans. These services can be monitored and managed by your staff to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Your company no longer needs to worry about “commodity” IT tasks and functions freeing you to focus your resources on strategic corporate valued functions.