Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Provide your employees the services to communicate & collaborate with their co-workers, customers, partners, and suppliers easily and securely, anytime, from anywhere using a variety of devices.

  • Business grade email and collaboration
  • Provide new capabilities – mobile access, archiving
  • 100% available
  • Manage and enforce your policies
  • Protection against growing threats
  • Cost efficient and predictable
  • Mitigate risks

Business grade email and collaboration

Your employees have access to the Microsoft Exchange platform which is a proven, business class solution for email and collaboration used by companies around the world. It has powerful business capabilities to allow employees to do routine and complex business tasks with minimal training and effort.

Manage and enforce your policies

Your IT planners and administrators have strategic control of the services without the burden of the time consuming low-value activities of operating in-house services.

The enhanced business-ready control panel provides advanced exchange configuration capabilities to configure monitor and enforce your communication policies for the services (including storage space, email footers, mobile devices, compliance archiving, etc) to match your employee service requirements.

Services, access methods and device support are selectable as required on a per employee basis allowing you to deliver the right services via the devices you require.

Provide new capabilities

Provide the right services where they are needed. Selectable, per employee services include.

  • Access Methods
  • Archiving
  • Mobile Access

Protection against growing threats

Your email inbox will be “clean” (spam and viruses removed) to protect against inbound threats and your data resides in an industrial strength, secure datacenter with world class security and redundancy on many levels. You will never lose a message and your privacy is protected. Further, your outbound email will also be scanned to ensure that the mail you send is also virus free.

Cost efficient and predictable

Financially, our services provide a low and predictable cost model to simplify your business modelling and planning.

100% available and secure data protection

Our services are provided with a 100% available SLA that has been developed over 5 years of Exchange hosting excellence. Our data centers, exchange architecture, networking, and related systems are built with redundancy and performance. Our people and processes are experienced and monitor, maintain and provide constant vigilance for your environment and data.

Mitigate risks

Our services are planned, operated and delivered in a business friendly, 100% available, secure fashion. The services are there to use as your business requires.