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September 21st, 2007 | Category: Blog,

We get a lot of email from visitors to our site. It’s a mixture of questions, feedback, SPAM and sometimes the absurd. It’s Friday so I thought I’d share with you one that I found particularly entertaining:

Customer writes:

“How does mail2web actually make money?  I have a colleague who believes you make your money by harvesting passwords and then robbing people blind”

Maybe I’m ignorant but I’m not sure how to ‘rob people blind’ with just an email address and password. Can I walk into a bank, give them a email address and password and start making withdrawals?

I recognize that there are sites that harvest user names and password for online banking,  paypal,  ect. and somehow manage to exploit these accounts - though I’m not exactly sure how. I do know that ‘phishing‘ sites like this operate for a very short time and then, as people start to complain, they quickly disappear.

We’ve been operating our email retrieval application for 10 years under the same domain. We do not harvest user names or passwords – we don’t even keep them. If you’re interested in what we do with personal information here’s a link to our privacy policy .

So if we are not ’robbing people blind’, how do we make money? That’s a fair question. is expensive to run and requires a large farm of servers to service the millions of people who use the service monthly.

We subsidize some of this cost with advertisements. I know they are annoying but necessary to help pay for the free service. Otherwise we hope that by running this reliable, secure and useful service you consider subscribing to some of our  paid services.

John Carthy
V.P. of Sales and Marketing
SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc.

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