SoftCom Discusses BaaS (Billing as a Service) at Parallels Summit 2011

February 24th, 2011 | Category: Blog, Inside SoftCom,
Parallels Summit 2011 - SoftCom Represent

Michael Carr on BaaS for SoftCom Inc / at Parallels Summit 2011

The Parallels Summit is well underway now in Orlando, Florida and SoftCom is well represented at the conference with some of our best people in attendance. SoftCom is more than an enthusiastic partner of Parallels and the annual conference is our time to shine as we engage and discuss strategic methods and discoveries for growth and innovation using Parallels Products and Services.

The image displays our Executive Vice President Michael Carr delivering a presentation on Billing as a Service (BaaS); one of our many enterprise grade services. Mr. Carr wins us over daily and we were excited to have him speak on behalf of SoftCom on the subject. The product speaks loudly on its own but if you were at all on the fence about adopting a Billing as a Service model into your environment, Michael Carr is the man put things in perspective.

Stay tuned for more details on the happenings of Parallels Summit 2011 and how SoftCom is engaging the hosting world during the course of the conference!

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