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In addition to growing our web hosting and email services through organic means, SoftCom acquires established small web and application hosting providers, resellers and affiliates on a regular basis. We have a particular interest in purchasing hosting providers established in US and Canada as well as developing countries, particularly in Turkey. Hosted Exchange and SharePoint opportunities will also be considered.

There are many reasons why web and application hosting entrepreneurs sell their businesses to us. Reasons include:

This is what they do and it’s as simple as that. It is common practice for keen minds to develop a web or application hosting platform. Attract a user base. Sell it for a profit. Repeat. The entrepreneurial profession may seem to be a grind making small profits one website after another, but there’s always the dream of that multi-million dollar buy-out.

Sometimes even the brightest of minds reach a plateau and do not have the resources to effectively operate a business for further growth. Running a successful hosting business requires many different skill-sets and for one individual to do it all is next to impossible. If it is not feasible to outsource the extra workload, it is often reasonable to sell your business to a company that has the resources to operate all the departments and take it to the next level.

When first building a web or application hosting business, developers spend countless hours and sleepless nights perfecting and promoting their services. Once the business sees the light of success and begins to turn a profit it is very common for owners to lose interest. When the passion is gone, the quality of the work soon follows. At this point, selling for a profit seems more than favorable and not only for the owner, but as a gesture to the user base who have come to rely upon the services.

New Projects
If you have an original and creative idea, you need to pull the trigger first or else your business will die before it even sees the light of day. Startups often require significant capital and selling your existing profitable website can be a very practical means to do so. Also, using your own capital for your startup may be very lucrative for you in the future as opposed to outside investors and loans. The process involved in these options is timely, and in startups, time is of the essence.

Real-Life Obligations
Maintaining a website is a very time consuming profession and sometimes it is trumped by other obligations. When other commitments cut into the time spend in operating your website, the speed and quality of the services you offer begins to decrease – this ultimately ends in a loss of business or even shutting down entirely. By selling your website to a company that will preserve high-quality service, not only will you be earning a profit, you will also keep your customers satisfied. Other real-life obligations can affect a website, even rent or other debts are common though often left undisclosed. The ability to sell your website in these unfortunate situations is quite often more than enough reason.

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If you still want to be actively involved in the hosting business, but do not wish to operate and manage the servers, deal with outages or worry about finding the capital to fuel growth, SoftCom provides the following programs:


Join our Reseller Program
Hosting providers can choose to migrate their technical operations to our myhosting.com Reseller Program, or subscribe to a Reseller VPS Plan, ultimately eliminating the expense to maintain their technical infrastructure, while they continue to market, sell, support and bill their customer base. We maintain the technical operations in SoftCom’s Data Center, while you can focus on continuing to grow your business through marketing activities and cross-sell/up-selling of your existing customers.
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Take part in our Affiliate Program
If you have no interest billing or supporting a hosting customer base, you might be interested in our myhosting.com Affiliate Program. SoftCom will provide the infrastructure, support and billing and generously compensate you for each successful sign-up for any myhosting.com service – web hosting, hosted Exchange and SharePoint. All you need to do is focus on marketing and selling the service. We take care of the rest.
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